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Helping Young Women Discover Their Passion for the Right Path

Today, young women face continuing issues as they start their career path with ongoing blocks to success. These blocks also create further culture disruption and financial loss. Some of the issues young women are facing:

  • Limited female mentors in early stages of career growth
  • Lack of industry insights and full real time understanding
  • Lack of female success stories in the corporate workplace
  • Lack of opportunities & promotions given in the first 5 years of employment
  • Increasing numbers of confidence issues, including anxiety & stress
  • No understanding of personal brand and it’s importance
  • High turnover of jobs due to dissatisfaction and lack of support
  • Job scarcity & concern due to the COVID-19 impact

Amanda Dobbie & Associates creates a financial literacy program to help young women discover their passion for the right path with the right mentors via partnership with UTS.

Our Solution

There are two key objectives of the Program as follows: Provide clear practical information to students about the broad range of career paths available to them Provide access to senior leaders from across the industry in a small group environment so that they have the opportunity to interact with each leader and start the process of developing meaningful connections at the very start of their career. Introducing mentors before they step onto their career path will give the young women the ability to make informed choices in the workplace.

Upon completion of Amanda Dobbie & Associates’ financial literacy program, you will able to:

  • Be more confidence in relationships at work, lower stress & health issues
  • Engage employer with a grounded understanding of the industry of choice
  • Recognise opportunities and receive promotions in the first 5 years of employment
  • Be Inspired by stories of success from mentors to encourage success
  • Have a healthier personal brand and an understanding of its importance
  • Stay longer times in jobs with a feeling of potential growth and support
  • Be better visibility and voice in the work-place
  • Understand of the impact of COVID-19 in the industry & business

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