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Estate Planning

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Your Estate Plan, Your Future, Your Way

Amanda is passionate about assisting with all estate planning and Estate dispute matters. She is able to draw from years of experience to provide advice and guidance with respect to estate planning and succession, probate, and estate issues. Each client is met with individually and their Estate plan customised according to specific family circumstances.

If you feel you have not been adequately provided for in a will or left out altogether guidance to contest the will is available. Disputes over wills and Estate matters are becoming increasingly common in Australia, as the structure of the family is changing and Courts are taking this into consideration.

Our Process

1. Book a Free Consultation

Amanda Dobbie & Associates provides 30 minutes free consultation to access your requirement.

2. Evaluate Situation

The meeting will evaluate current situation and desired estate plan goals

3. Gather Additional Information

Amanda Dobbie & Associates gathers additional information if needed based on personal circumstances as well as court case

4. Deliver Estate Plan

Amanda Dobbie & Associates delivers customized estate plan

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